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8th-Jan-2014 12:44 pm - In Which Jack Coleman Is Not Amused
Daddy Will Fix Everything
Can we please just talk about how amazing he is both as Noah Bennet and as Steven Carrington? (And just in general, to be completely honest) His face though. Look at it.

Okay, so. I got the idea to post these two scenes together so long ago, but alas, I don't know how to make gifs and the Dynasty one (which is credited to dref22 ) is too large for tumblr's gif size requirements. (The one from Heroes was snagged from lexpurple on tumblr.)
Glasses w/Eden
First, I'd like to share some of my favorite food moments from 2013

From the top left, pancakes at Chow, yellow curry at Lemongrass, veggie burger at The Counter, heirloom potato and arugula pizza at Pizza Antica, ice cream sandwich at CREAM, fried bananas with coconut ice cream at Lemongrass, Indian lentil and chickpea dishes with rice at Swagat, rum cake I made for my grandpa's 83rd birthday and green beans I made for Christmas.

2013 was an unexpectedly exciting year for me fandom-wise and here were a few of my most squee-inducing moments:

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30th-Dec-2013 02:39 am - A Peter/Eden Fic
Glasses w/Eden
Title: Promise You'll Remember That You're Mine
Characters: Peter Petrelli/Eden McCain
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het smut and AU plot twists
Word Count: 1,990

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Horny Glasses
Title: Five of Noah Bennet's Most Awkward Christmases
Characters: Noah Bennet/Various, Eric Thompson, Claude Rains, Sandra Bennet, Claire Bennet, Eden McCain, Lauren Gilmore, Peter Petrelli
Rating: R (to be on the safe side but most of the explicitness is only implied)
Warnings: Both het and slash are portrayed or implied here.
Word Count: 952

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Noah likes what you're doing
I promise this is the last one! For now. The hands just never stop.
And of course, tons of credit to dref22 for screencaps, etc. <3

Waving on The Office. Just making sure it's safe to enter the room XD
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11th-Dec-2013 04:02 pm - Of Heroes Fic and Fandom
Glasses w/Eden
I didn't start watching Heroes until the summer break between seasons 3 and 4. I watched seasons 1-3 on Netflix in the month of June 2009. In so many ways I feel very sad that I missed out on being a part of the fandom when the show was really on top. But it will forever be my favorite show no matter what. And I'm very happy to have been able to be around during the 4th and final season and for the friendships I've made as a result of this.

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Okay, can we just talk about the Monte Carlo TV Festival of 2012 for just a minute? Because seriously, I don't know what was going on there, but it was the festival of Jack Coleman's hand gestures. In my very wildest dreams, I dream that I could have been there...

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Glasses w/Eden
For the most part, I don't judge people on who they ship, especially when it comes to Heroes because it will always be my most beloved show.

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Glasses w/Eden
Because Jack Coleman does many, many awesome things with his hands. And I don't think I even quite realized how often and with such enthusiasm until I started putting this together. He really uses his hands a lot in his acting and all the time as far as I can tell. XD

A lot of the credit for these screencaps goes to dref22 <3 This will be the first of at least two posts because there is too much epicness for just one post!

Blowing kisses to fans <3

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Morally Gray Teddy Bear
Title: The Bears Were Watching
Characters: Noah Bennet/Claire Bennet
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,376

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