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This is a Jack Coleman Hand Appreciation Picspam Post! 
8th-Dec-2013 12:05 am
Glasses w/Eden
Because Jack Coleman does many, many awesome things with his hands. And I don't think I even quite realized how often and with such enthusiasm until I started putting this together. He really uses his hands a lot in his acting and all the time as far as I can tell. XD

A lot of the credit for these screencaps goes to dref22 <3 This will be the first of at least two posts because there is too much epicness for just one post!

Blowing kisses to fans <3

He uses his hands for creative and talented things like playing the guitar... (Rock the House)

Evil things like drugging people... (Heroes)

Texting on two blackberries at once... (House MD)

Explaining things and justifying excuses... (Castle)

Playing with penguins... (Burke's Law)

Torturing his vampire daughter... (The Vampire Diaries)

Fending off angry burned spies... (Burn Notice)

Yanking off ties... (Dynasty)

Touchy-feely flirting with the First Lady... (Scandal)

A whole lot of pointing...

Bonus pointing with Bruce Campbell!

Actually, a few different hand signals with Bruce Campbell!

Working with maps on both Heroes and Dynasty

And even on Burn Notice!

Handling peaches in Polar Storm and The Contract :D

Credit for this is all on dref22

I will just say that the thoughts this pic gave me are so inappropriate that I can't include them here. Maybe someone should write a fic... >.>

Just hanging out on Dynasty

Plotting on Castle

More pointing, yay!

Telling Lauren what to do is sexy.

Spies are a bunch of bitchy little girls.

No one's getting away with biting this neck.

Hey, you're that one guy!

He would have never done it if he didn't think it was an open relationship! D:

Wet hands... and bonus hrgs!
8th-Dec-2013 11:00 am (UTC)
LOL! This is Fan-hands-tastic! :D
8th-Dec-2013 09:28 pm (UTC)
LOL Thank you! It was loads of fun to put together too. :D
8th-Dec-2013 04:36 pm (UTC)
Hahaha you have no idea how delicious this is. XD I especially love the finger pointing ones omfg you have to tumblr those on a separate post XD
8th-Dec-2013 09:29 pm (UTC)
Actually, I do! XD I'm so glad that you think so too! I will totally be posting a few things to tumblr as well :D
10th-Dec-2013 06:51 pm (UTC)
Wonderful job! Thank you! This is one really enjoyable picspam, we need this kind of things to cheer us up after the last scandal in Scandal.

*still angry*

*re-looking at the picspam to get happy again*
10th-Dec-2013 09:42 pm (UTC)
Thank you! haha

Yes, I absolutely needed something fun like this to do after that.

Yay! Let them cheer you up! :D
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